Tapas Tour Triana at Night

Tapas Tour Triana at Night

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The Triana neighbourhood is an area full colours, passion and stories! Make sure you don´t miss it an combine it with a very local and superb Tapas Tour in Triana!

Traditional tapas in the authentic and artistic neighbourhood of TRIANA, across the river Guadalquivir which separates historic Seville in two. Triana is the birthplace of Flamenco dance style and according to some also of the world famous tapas.

Experience this old quarter with its own special history and beautiful ceramics or pottery. Especially in the evening with delicious authentic tapas, drinks and typical stories or legends. The Tapas Tour Triana is having fun with eating, drinking, listing and enjoying a city walk at its purest... For foodies or culinary lovers a MUST DO!


Due to the pandemic situation and to protect you and those around you, visits will allowed with the following sanitary norms and regulations: 

  • Wearing a face mask can be required.
  • Distance between visitors is obligatory.
  • Guests may be subject to a temperature check.
  • Visit time may be limited.
  • Always follow the staff instructions.


  1. Hand sanitiser available 
  2. Encouragement of mask wearing can be compulsory. Bring it when you can
  3. Reduced capacity and distancing measures on the vehicles/vessels
  4. Staff will encourage visitors to keep distance
  5. By buying the tickets all visitors  declare that they do not have cold-like symptoms such as nasal congestion, a runny nose, sore throat, light cough, fever (up to and above 38°C) and/or shortness of breath.
  6. When you book a ticket, you automatically agree with our Terms and conditions.


  • 2,5 hrs Tour 
  • Several tapas (e.g. espinacas con garbanzos, jamon iberico and much more!)
  • and drinks (e.g. Tinto de Verano) in various occasions
  • English Speaking Guide (local)


  • Authentic area (Triana is the oldest and authentic area of Seville)
  • Many traditional and local dishes and restaurants (also available for vegetarians)

Departure time and location

The tour is available daily at 20:30h at Puente Isabel II, at the Flamenco statue. 


2,5 hrs