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Walking through the streets of Cordoba will show you the rich history of the city. Just few meters from the main shopping street you can admire Roman ruins of palace with twelve columns and see the effect Romans remained in the city. Let our experienced guide take you for a trip to the past through amazing temples, monuments and old roads which demonstrate the greatness of the Roman Empire in Hispania. Don't miss this fascinating and enriching experience!

Price includes:
Walking guided tour through the remains of Roman Córdoba: Roman mausoleum of ‘Puerta Gallegos’ - Plaza Tendillas (intersection between the Decumanus and the Cardo) - Calle Cruz Conde (where de Forum is located) - Roman temple at Calle Claudio Marcelo - Eastern wall (town hall) - Wall at Calle San Fernando - Calleja de Julio Galión - Plaza de Séneca (Séneca monument) - Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology of Córdoba - Remains of the Roman Theatre - Puerta del Puente (Door of the Bridge) - Roman bridge - Tourist guide for the group.

Approx. duration: 2 hours.

Meeting point: The Roman mausoleum of ‘Puerta Gallegos’.  

Languages: Spanish or English

Dates and times
Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday: Starting at 10am.
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: Starting at 5pm.

Make sure to turn up 15 minutes prior the start of the tour.